Attention to the Details

Kepler SignalTek focuses exclusively on the needs of device & system designers and manufacturers who depend on high performance interconnect solutions. With a tightly integrated approach, we provide design, development, and manufacturing. Bring us your idea, concept or spec and we will provide an optimized solution for your application. With a factory-based team and an integrated approach to design and development, we've created a system that exceeds our customers' expectations. 

Personal Approach

Our team has developed thousands of products over the past 20+ years.This experience has helped us to develop a process that is now part of how we think, work and deliver. Project management is a critical part of the process, when your Engineers talk with our Engineers and they have their hands on the assembly line which makes development happen faster and more efficiently.

Design for 'X' 

X = Manufacturability, Cost, Reliability, your Assembly Process. Our Design and Manufacturing teams collaborate with you in real-time so product designs are optimized. 

Rapid Prototyping

We dedicate a prototype assembly line and use the latest in 3D modeling and SLA technology. This enables you to get to market faster than your competitors. 

Supply Chain Synergy

Collaboration with our supply chain partners ensures the optimal cost/performance for your solution.